Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christmas Tree

I am ready for Christmas :)  My sister had one of these made a few years ago and I have wanted one ever since!  So..... I made myself one today!

I painted a 11x14 canvas and added the vinyl.

I am a firm believer in getting/giving deals.  I want to offer you the lowest prices possible but also convenience.  SO... I am offering you two different options for buying the vinyl for this project.

 Option 1 helps you so that you don't have to piece together the tree word by word and hope  you get it all straight!  It does use more vinyl because I am doing it that way.  You just have to apply the red first and then line up the green vinyl in between it when you apply that.  There will be 3 pieces of vinyl with this option (the star, the red words, and the green words)

Option 2 is for those trying to save money and don't mind taking the time to line up the colors.  You will get each line of the tree by itself and you will need to line it all up.  There will be 16 pieces of vinyl with this option.

Vinyl Only:
2 Options (see above for details)
Option 1: $15.00
Option 2: $10.00

Canvas + Option 1 Kit $22.00
Canvas + Option 2 Kit $18.00
Finished Product $28.00


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